Remember spam? Yeah! I used to eat this a lot when I was little.

No, not this Spam. THESE SPAM




Remember the good old times when you could browse the internet and participate in online forums?
Yeah, those were good days. All until I started receiving spam in my emails, in games and in life. As an active social media person, I am sick of seeing these marketing spam over and over again.

Oops, what is spam?

Spam is pretty much junk. It clogs up your inbox, websites and even community forums. It is like your little brother who frustrates you daily. Just kidding! Through spam, marketers are able to market easily and cheaply which increases brand awareness.

Here’s a hilarious animation on Junk mail by Cyanide!

According to Rao and Riley (2012), there are approximately 100 billion spam emails that have been sent towards consumers to create a negative impact towards them. The reason why we all hate it, is because it is sent from an unrecognised email with malicious intent.



What types of spam are there?

There are many different type of spam, but the most common type of spam is Phishing. Phishing is a form of spam that tries to learn and make us enter personal details about ourselves. How it works is, it generally sends us email with links that will transfer us to similar legit websites but fake. If clicked on and entered personal information, you can expect that information to be used in an identity theft. If you are not a big user of technology, it is actually quite easy to trick people into entering their confidential information.

This is one example of phishing email pretending to be PayPal.


And, this one is from an unrecognized email that is pretending to be EBay.


Now that we have an understanding of spam and how dangerous it can be, what are some ways to stop spam?7

Now that we have an understanding of spam and how dangerous it can be, what are some ways to stop spam?

Remember CAPTCHAS? They are these little confirmation boxes to make sure that you are a human and not a computer.


Do you have a Gmail account? I’m sure that when you’ve signed up, you had to input your mobile message for a confirmation code. Many big social media like Google, Facebook, Whatsapp use this method to avoid those bots. Although you have to wait for the code, it is pretty convenient considering that you have your mobile phone most of the time.

I remember when I was little, I lost my first ever email because I fell for the spam and got my account banned. Those were sad times. What about you guys? What are your best tips to getting rid of spammers? Let me know!



Rao, J. & Reiley, D. (2012). The Economics of Spam. Journal Of Economic Perspectives, 26(3), 87-110.




  1. Jason says:

    Very informative post Jonathon! Although spam may seem like a very trivial matter, easily sidelined by more eye-catching issues such as corporate hacking and internet piracy, it is a relevant issues nonetheless. I am glad you are raising awareness for a widespread problem that could affect each and every one of us. Recently, I found myself victim to such an issue, unwaringly disclosing my details to a stranger online. Once I realised, I went through the stressful task of checking all my accounts and changing my details. I hope people will read your post and don’t fall to the same mistake!

    • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

      Hey Jason!

      It’s Jonathan actually. Hahaha. That is unfortunate to hear! I hope that you’ve managed to retrieve your details. Make sure to change your passwords and details so that the ‘hacker’ won’t be able to access it. This includes your secret questions and answers as well! I had the same predicament back when I had my first email. When I used to sign up for everything, the word hackers were not even in my dictionary yet. Anyways, hope that you’ve got everything sorted out!

  2. Felicia Bey says:

    Like Sarah said, I agree with your blog post as well. I’m always receiving spam and junk mail from suspicious websites and I’ve always wondered how they got my email seeing as I’m very protective of my privacy. What’s good about outlook and Gmail is that they automatically direct spam into my junk box which is highly appreciated but makes you question the ‘severeness’ of spam as it’s automatically directed into people’s junk boxes instead of appearing in inboxes. I thought your blog was highly informative and isn’t overwhelming with mass information. Unlike spam. HAHA get it? On a separate tangent, when typing in passwords for frequent websites, would you recommend agreeing to storing passwords for security measures or do you trust them?

    • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

      Hey Felicia!

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Hahaha I get it! I am in a similar situation as you. I used to use Hotmail long before Gmail was known to me. I think I used Hotmail due to the fact that it was synced with MSN, if you recall back in the days. Comparing to the amount of messages I have now on Gmail and back then with Hotmail, I feel like Hotmail does not actually filter the junk mails for you. Not going to lie, I felt good knowing I had 14,000 plus emails! But now, it’s just annoying trying to get through most junk mails sent to me. I believe when you sign up for offers or just entering your email anywhere, gives companies the option to send emails to you. Not sure how OTHER suspicious website gets them. I personally have two emails that I use. One for work and one for random subscriptions that I would benefit from signing up. As you can imagine, I hardly check the email that I would use for subscriptions but I would check my professional work email daily. To answer your question, I recommend storing passwords with companies that are well-known such as Google. Whenever I go back to a website that I’ve already been on, it automatically inputs my password and username and logs me in. To this date, I haven’t had a big issue with it so give it a go, if you haven’t!
      Remember to not trust third party software if you’re dealing with passwords!

  3. Sarah C says:

    Hi there! I came across your blog post and I’d just like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with the points you’ve raised. I too, feel that there needs to be more awareness surrounding spam. This is due to the fact that although certain types of spam may be harmless and non-intrusive, spam can also be used as a medium for fraudsters to infiltrate and steal one’s data, information and even identity. Credit card numbers being stolen and fraud being committed has become a common occurrence around the globe. It is simply not enough to excuse this by saying a victim is not tech-savy. I personally think the best way to avoid spam is to ensure that my email isn’t made known to the public internet and isn’t entered into shady websites. If spammers can’t get your email, they can’t spam you. Other than that, I always make sure I carefully check the sender’s email address and not just the displayed sender name. In saying all that however, I also feel that our email service providers such as Gmail and Outlook are doing a good job in directing spam to our junk folders. Keep up the good fight and spread awareness!

    • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

      Hey Sarah!

      Thanks for your comment and input! I’m glad that there’s other people out who dislike spam as well! That is very true. With modern technology and better softwares, programs such as Gmail saves contacts that you have already established a relationship with.
      I find it very hard to not give out my email. I sign up to many discounts and things that I have an interest in weekly. As such, they do end up sending me spams, discounts and what not.

      Another good tip that I would recommend would be having a personal email and a ‘fun’ email, where you sign up with other crap that is not quite as important.
      Thanks again Sarah! Hopefully, one day we can prevail against them!


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