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DAMNNNNNNNNNNN Daniel! Who doesn’t want to go viral? I’m sure everyone’s thought about going viral, being famous overnight and having a pair of vans for the rest of your life.

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In a 30 seconds video, Daniel, became an Internet frenzy on February 15th, where his video has been tweeted over 180 thousand times! Check out some more of my favourite memes of Daniel!

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According to Kaplan, there are three conditions that are necessary to become successfully viral. Read on if you are thinking of going viral!

  1. Messengers
    To become a viral sensation, you require people with connections. Market mavens are usually up to date with latest trends with access to a large network, more specifically social hubs. Social hubs are individuals who have an even larger amount of social connections compared to Market mavens.

Remember when the original ALS ice bucket challenge started a few years back?

  1. Message
    Secondly, for a message to go viral, it must first be worthy to pass along in the first place. To me, anything could be worthy, regardless if it’s a negative or positive message. Do you guys remember Friday – Rebecca Black? For some reason, everyone started hating on her when the song came out. I still don’t understand till this day, it was a catchy song! FUN FACT: It is one of the most down voted music video till this day.

Doesn’t matter now. She’s a famous phenomenon that everyone knows!

Last but not least, the effects in social media afterwards. Just sending the video to everyone does not guarantee a viral position for you amongst the others. The message has to be similar to an airborne contagious flu where anyone can catch the flu.

6Source: Rochester.edu

Anyways, these are some of my favorite viral videos. What’s yours?

Let me know in the comments below what else do you think is needed to make a successful viral video and become a famous sensation!



Kaplan, A. & Haenlein, M. (2011). Two hearts in three-quarter time: How to waltz the social media/viral marketing dance. Business Horizons, 54(3), 253-263.


6 thoughts on “DAMNNNN DANIEL

  1. Felicia Bey says:

    Hi Jonathan, I really like Viral Marketing because it is very creative. Apart from that, this type of marketing can really help you with Ecommerce nowadays. Through this type of marketing you can get a lot of publicity and earn a lot of traffic for your business. Viral marketing + SEOs can immediately put you to the top although it depends on how you are planning to use it and what you have to offer

    • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

      Hey Felicia!

      Back at it again with the comments! Good one, Jonathan! I agree that going Viral could help with your Ecommerce business. However, I’m not too sure that JUST going viral will help you. What if it’s a bad publicity? Sure, I mentioned that any publicity is good publicity but not for businesses. If your business receives a bad reputation that the whole world knows, you won’t be able to make sales. You could make a brand out of yourself, but you would have to re-evaluate your options in order for people to keep ‘track’ of you. An empire can rise and fall within a day. There are many people and videos that went viral but long forgotten now. For example, What does the Fox say? Kony 2012. I wholeheartedly agree that it depends on how you use it and what to offer. Tune in again next time Felicia!

  2. Alston says:

    Hi, this is a great post!!!
    Hahhaha one of my favourite successful viral campaigns was Damn Daniel as well. I agree that it is quite difficult to be successful when making a video or such. Just like Youtube or other social media, it could happen in minutes if you have the right connections and message. No matter what kind of publicity, people will follow and eventually add onto your followers. 🙂

    • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

      Hey Alston!

      I’m assuming you came from the post I’ve linked, and not one of the Digital Marketing student? I’m glad that you enjoy Damn Daniel as well! He’s probably my favourite so far, just saying it is damn catchy! 😉

      Exactly, it is difficult to turn into a famous phenomenon overnight! I think it really comes down to what messages and how you deliver it and the people around your network. Truth to be told, anything can be shared but it just depends on who you know most importantly!

      Check out my other posts and let me know what you think!


      • Alston says:

        Hi Jonathan,

        I really enjoy your posts. They are quite insightful! Hmmm…Yes it is important who you know but I think that it is more important on the message. If its a bad message, how do you make it go viral? Haha

        • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

          Hey Alston!

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts again!
          That is true as well, I guess you just need both conditions to satisfy before it can actually go viral! In terms of what you said, just having a good message would not be good enough. You still need messengers, message, and environment according to Kaplan.

          I don’t think it is that easy to go viral anyways, otherwise everyone would have made it!


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