What is internet marketing metrics?

Simple, think of metric as a number.

Some examples include:

  • Channel Outcomes(e.g.measures conversion rates from visitors to registration to purchasing)
  • Channel Buyer Behaviour(e.g.measures the duration and number of page view visitors spend on your content)
  • Total Visits(e.g. measures the number of total visits to different pages)
  • Channel-Specific Traffic(e.g. measures the traffic to your pages based on the point of origin)
  • Visitor Engagement(e.g. measures the duration visitors spend on your site and how much value they see in your content)

Why are they SO important?

Here is where it comes into place. With the use of online marketing metrics, you are able to get a real sense of how your websites are performing. By using a variation of metric tools, you can improve your websites. For example, by monitoring conversion rates, you can determine how many visitors become subscribers and how engaged your visitors are to your content.

Obviously there are metrics that are useless to you and others as well. Such as Total Views, Number of Hits or Average time on Page. With these, you can hardly tell what to improve on your websites or what content to post to engage more viewers. The reason that you would use the metrics isn’t just to look at your high ranking in Youtube rankings. Once again, you want to improve and keep your content interesting so that your visitors would return instead of thinking, “This is crap.”

Food for the thought

Ever wonder why youtubers have multiple channels? For instance, mychonny, Buzzfeed (violet,blue,yellow) or people with either vlog or gaming channels.

Let’s put it in your perspective, assuming that you have a Youtube channel with thousands of subscribers.

No! You don’t just randomly decide to create multiple channels just for the sake of it. It doesn’t just click for you while you are in the toilet or having a walk in the park. With multiple channels, you need to put in more effort and time into it.

Yes! With the help of metrics, you can narrow content down to a narrow segment. This allows you to organise what content to cater to your audiences because they can just simply follow that specific channel instead of being disappointed with another gaming video. With your big number of subscribers, there is a higher percentage of  your subscribers to instantly follow on your new youtube channels.

Reasons may include:

  • Die hard fans
  • Interested in a different content but same youtuber
  • Wanting to know more about their daily life
    These are just a few reasons why subscribers would automatically follow the new channels. People have different reasons for following them. The list is endless.


This is it for today!

Please leave a comment and let me know what else I can improve! Until next time.




  1. Damien says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    I read your post for internet marketing metrics and I agree with Chan Lee above. Good post but some more content would be great, with links to certain words as to what they mean. Keep it up and put some pictures and colors into it. Damien

    • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

      Hi Damien,

      Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoy this post! My other posts should be up next week onwards so have a look!

      Thanks for your input! 🙂


  2. Chan lee says:

    Nice first blog. I really like how you incorporated videos and diagrams relevant to the topic. I agree that some internet metrics are useful and some that are not useful – such as: daily views or average time on page as you mentioned. I think the post is very bland and not enough color with not much spacing in between paragraphs. You can improve on these for your other posts as you mentioned on Stalkerspace that you will be posting more? Goodluck.

    • VenturedownMarketingLane says:

      Hey Chan!

      Thanks for the first comment! 🙂 I’m glad you found the blog interesting and hope you learned a thing or two! Yes, there are many useful and useless internet metrics out there. For some business models, it would depends on which one can be deemed ‘useful’ or ‘useless’. I hope that my explanation wasn’t too confusing for you. Haha! Yeah, it’s my first post so everything isn’t looking as good as it should be but thank you for your comments and do visit it weekly to see any updates!


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